Should I Date Him?

Should I Date Him?

Everybody is always going to have some kind of opinion on who you date. Whether or not you decide to listen is completely up to you. There are so many reasons that a person shouldn’t pay any attention to what other people are saying specially when it comes to long distance relationships. They aren’t the ones running your life. You are. If you’re happy, great! Nobody should get in the way of that.

They might be your best friend or even a family member, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they know everything. If you want to date someone who lives in another corner of the world, don’t let one person stop you from dating him who could be yours forever. It’s your life. You know what is best for you more than anyone else. Typically, if someone ends up not liking the person you’re dating, it’s not because they think that person isn’t good enough for you. It’s because they’re afraid they are going to lose their friend.

Even though you tell them you’re happy, they might do everything in their power to convince you that your significant other isn’t right for you. Believe me, I have faced such a situation myself. They will try to fill your mind with every skeptical thought possible: “What if he is cheating on you? How much can you really trust him? Are you sure he is who he say he is?” The questions of doubt almost get to be too much to bear, and then you start questioning yourself. This is what they want. They want you to question every move your significant other makes. By doing this, they set you up for complete and utter failure.

It’s a chain reaction. They question you about your other half, which leads to you questioning every little thing he does. This only causes more problems because then he wants to know why you’re all of a sudden questioning everything he does. It becomes a vicious cycle, and it’s one that is extremely hard to be broken.

In order for your relationship to survive, you have to ignore those people who are trying to tear you apart. It might be harder than ever, but it’s the only way you and your man are going to make it.


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